Personal Training

Regardless of your goals Personal Training can benefit everyone. Whether you are looking to achieve weight loss, gain muscle, improve posture or increase strength - through functional movements you will become stronger, faster, more flexible and gain increased muscular endurance.

At the Movement Clinic we focus on all elements of  fitness  in order for our clients to achieve their goals. We believe that everyone is different and that’s why we tailor-make each persons' journey towards their specific goals. Each client has an in depth consultation and assessment which helps our experienced team plan the best route for each individual.

Our DNA genetic testing will also give us a more in-depth understanding of your genetic profile, in conjunction with your goals, lifestyle and environment we are able to focus on the whole picture.

One to one Training

Our highly qualified and experienced trainers will work together in designing a tailor-made programme specific to your goals. Additional DNAgenetic testing that is available through the clinic is a great resource in cementing the journey to faster and more accurate results for your personalised goals.

Semi Private Personal Training

These sessions are a great motivational tool, working in groups of 2-3 people per session means you will push that little bit harder against others.

It is also a cost effective way of getting a tailor-made programme and access to some of the finest coaching in London.