The Movement Clinic, how did it all start

It's a bit of fairy tale really.....;) so here is how romance and passion for health and wellbeing turned into a family business. 

Written by Baanu

Lee and I met in a local gym back in 2008 where he was running his PT business and also facilitating some of the classes inc. the lunch time spin class which I use to go to! We use to often talk about our different industries and how someone should start building a more solid bridge between emotional health and physical health. As our relationship grew stronger the idea of doing something together started becoming more tangible and finally once my MSc and our wedding was over we founded Pursuit of Wellbeing LTD in August 2014 - the idea was to start with retreats where we would combine personalised training combined with healthy none toxic food and sessions around motivation, stress management and goal focus work that could be picked up after the retreats. We identified some locations and were very excited about putting it all in practice, however we both were working full time and also dealing with lots of personal and family issues that we were not able to get the planes any further than, well being plans! 

At the same time Lee was looking to find a location to open his own PT gym and in 2015 started a venture with two of our friends (the equilibrium brothers) however after a few months what was going on for us personally become very complicated and emotionally draining so we decided to leave the boys to it. Although this was difficult at the time, it was the right decision for us. 

Fast forward a year we finally found a place that could be potential base for a PT studio with in-house massage therapy and talking therapy rooms and studio for classes. Again this wasn't an easy ride, the building needed way more work than we anticipated we ended up spending way more than we were planning while again dealing with some very challenging personal issues, but finally mid August 2016 we opened the doors of The Movement Clinic. 

So, why The Movement Clinic

Lee’s been in the fitness industry for good part of the last two decades and has experimented with different types of training methods, he started training BJJ over 6 years ago and through his own movement (or lack of it) and watching others in the sport; some amazing and some not so much, coupled with seeing gym goers all over the place getting into the gym just to reinforce that seated position they spent most of their working day in. Soon he realised that universally we are forgetting how to move the way we were designed to, all you need to do is to look at how children move and you can see this; they squat to pick up their toys and hang on anything they can and swing, they naturally cartwheel and do forward rolls. These should be the fundamentals of movement and exercise, positions that encourage full range of motion that creates stability in joints and demand flexibility from multiple areas of the body at once - not a spin class (sorry guys, I use to be a crazy spin class goer and met my husband in one, however I now know better).     

So all the above in mind we wanted to create a place where the main ethos is to move correctly, and in doing so achieving all the goals. Lee often talks about different ways of toasting a slice of bread, you can do this by using a toaster or a gill or you can do this by burning the house down. Unfortunately too often people focus on losing weight, having bigger biceps or bigger chest that they end up doing this by damaging whole lot of other areas in their body. 

Everything we do at the clinic is designed to achieve this;

  •     By getting people educated on how to move their bodies in one to one PT sessions and Semi  private sessions
  •    By keeping the classes small in order to make sure participants are moving correctly.
  •    By providing in-house sports and massage therapy to make sure imbalances are corrected that would compliment their overall training.
  •   By providing award winning DNA testing as an alternative tool to put together a truly personalised nutritional plan in helping people to achieve their goals.
  •    By bridging the gap between mind and body, so when needed people can get a deeper understanding on their behaviour and thinking patterns.
  •    By leading on living a balanced lifestyle.
  •    By reinforcing the idea that being healthy is a lifestyle, not just a fad.
  •    By creating a hub where people can come and get the best training, massage, lifestyle and mind coaching in London.   

This is what The Movement Clinic is about at the moment, of course as always we are learning a lot and as we both see ourselves as lifelong students we will evolve and make it the best we can.